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Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer With Double Burners

Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer With Double Burners

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The Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer Double Burners is a commercial-grade fryer designed for outdoor cooking. With a capacity of 16 quarts and constructed from durable stainless steel, it's perfect for frying a variety of foods. Equipped with double burners, it ensures efficient and even cooking. The fryer cart provides mobility, making it ideal for outdoor events or catering. Enjoy crispy and delicious fried dishes with ease and convenience using this high-quality propane fryer.



Power (W): 1w

Voltage (V): 6V


Capacity: 18 L

Model: DBFY01

Net Weight: 44 lbs


Features & Details
  • 2-Tank 4 Gal Capacity: The outdoor propane deep fryer features two tanks with a combined capacity of 4 gallons (2 gals each). This allows you to fry larger quantities of food or even cook different types of food simultaneously. Please do not add oil over the Max Fill Line to avoid oil spatter.
  • Upgraded Dual Side Tables: The commercial deep fryer has two side tables that provide ample space for prepping ingredients, holding utensils, and keeping essential items within reach. These side tables enhance convenience and efficiency during the cooking process.
  • Independent Fire Control: With the commercial deep fryer stand, you can individually control the fire for each tank. The knobs have damping and can be turned to OFF to put out the fire. The hollow panel design makes it simple to observe the flames, ensuring proper heat management. Moreover, the thermometer enables you to accurately monitor the oil temperature.
  • Safety Precautions: The commercial fryer comes with several safety precautions. It is explicitly designed for outdoor use only. Proper assembly and tightening of screws are essential for secure operation. A hose connector with CSA Certification meets security standards. It is recommended to wear gloves during operation to protect your hands, and defrosting the food before frying ensures secure and consistent results.
  • Intimate Details: Our deep fryer 2 baskets offers durability and easy cleaning. It is rust-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. The dual wind baffles ensure consistent heat by protecting against wind interference. The low basket hanger preserves the heat of fried food, while the high basket hanger facilitates proper oil drainage during cooling. These considerate features enhance your cooking experience.
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